The Essential Pike Fishing Tools

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As an angler, it is important to have the right tools for the job. Whether you’re targeting Pike or any other species, having the proper equipment will not only make your fishing experience more enjoyable, but it will also ensure the safety of both you and the fish. Some of the most essential sets of tools for Pike fishing are Forceps, Crimping Pliers, Side Cutters, and Split Ring Pliers.

Forceps, are the bare essentials. They are used to remove hooks from the fish’s mouth. The blunt tip and strong jaws make it easy to remove hooks quickly and safely, ensuring that the fish is not harmed in the process. Using forceps between 8-12 inches is ideal to keep fingers out of harms way.

Crimping Pliers are used to secure the end of your leader material or trace wire. This not only prevents the line from unraveling, but it also helps prevent the line from breaking. When using ready made rigs or pre tied at home, these may not be essential but allow for quick repairs and changes to rigs on the bank

Side Cutters are an essential tool for cutting monofilament, braided, fluorocarbon lines, trace wire and hooks. The sharp blades make it easy to cut the line, reducing the risk of the line breaking or fraying. By carrying a strong pair of side cutters you can cut individual hooks helping to dislodge any deep hooked trebles.

Split Ring Pliers are used to easily open and close split rings, which are used to attach hooks to lures. This tool makes it easy to change lures and hooks, and reduces the risk of the split rings breaking. Great for quickly swapping hooks out that have been made blunt from snags or hopefully lots of fish.

In conclusion, Forceps, Crimping Pliers, Side Cutters, and Split Ring Pliers are essential tools for Pike fishing. These tools ensure the safety of both the angler and the fish, making the fishing experience more enjoyable and efficient. Make sure to always have these tools on hand and keep them in good condition for the best fishing experience possible.

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