In Review; Nufish X-Strong Inline Pole Floats

Nufish Pole floats

Fishing has become more competitive than ever, with anglers looking to break records by catching bigger fish, and bigger weights. The pressure on fishing tackle has increased as a result, and the pole float is one item that is often considered a weakness in an angler’s arsenal. To address this, newly developed is the range of Nufish X-Strong Inline Pole Floats, with each float specifically designed to meet the demands of modern fishing.

The body of the pole float is one of the most fundamental components, and Nufish has chosen a man-made material called Rohacell for their range. Rohacell is extremely durable, strong, and hard, ensuring that the float can stand up to the rigors of commercial fishing. Each body can be made to precise measurements, and the material can carry the same shot, providing consistency across the range.

Nufish has also paid close attention to the other components that make up their pole floats. The stem comes in two materials; nickel titanium wire, which is flexible and allows movement when bagging and netting fish, and fiberglass, which is strong and durable. The power eyes are made from stainless steel wire, and are designed to go around the stem, ensuring that when line is pulled, it’s pulling against the stem of the float, not against the raw body material.

The business end of the pole float is the tip, and Nufish has ensured that the range covers all eventualities. The tips come in various diameters, from 1.5mm to 4mm, and are painted with high-quality fish paint. The blaze orange and bright yellow colors ensure that the tips are highly visible in any light conditions.

The assembly of the pole floats is also crucial, and Nufish has paid close attention to this aspect of their range. The right adhesives and caring attention are used when assembling the floats, ensuring that the eye runs directly down the stem, providing strength, and creating a secure bond.

The Nufish X-Strong Inline Pole Floats range consists of six floats, each designed to cover most eventualities.

Tinx is designed for shallow water situations and has a body down diamond shape that is extremely stable despite its small size. Ideal for working the margins or islands, but also works well in shallow water. Sizes – 4×8, 4×10, 4×12, 4×14

Fury is an elongated body, perfect for deck fishing and fishing through the water. It comes in four sizes; 4×10, 4×12, 4×14 and 4×16. Designed as a summer bagging float. The 2.5mm tip is ideal for working with larger baits on the margins and with short poles.

Bulk is a versatile float that can be used for a range of fishing styles, from margins to islands. It comes in five sizes; 0.4g, 0.5g, 0.6g, 0.75g & 1g. Pattern with the body down. This is a popular style of float when fishing a stationary bait in open water.

Jigga is designed for use with jigs and comes in just one size;4×14. A simple pattern yields fantastic results. The stainless steel coil instantly sets the float, allowing jigging to begin.

Cypri is perfect for fishing shallow waters, and comes in five sizes;4×10, 4×12, 4×14, 4×16 & 4×18. Was created as an all-purpose float that can be used with a variety of baits. The 1.75mm tip is very visible and can be nicely dotted down.

Big Head A short dibber-style float with a 4mm hollow tip that is highly buoyant and visible. This float instantly cocks and supports even the largest of baits, making it ideal for mugging and slapping situations. 4×10, 4×12, and 4×14.

In conclusion, the Nufish X-Strong Inline Pole Floats range is a comprehensive set of floats that has been specifically designed to meet the demands of modern fishing. Each float has been designed with attention to detail, from the body to the tip, ensuring that the range covers all eventualities. If you’re looking for a set of pole floats that can stand up to the rigors of commercial fishing, then the Nufish X-Strong Inline Pole Floats range is definitely worth considering.