Olivettes – Difference between Inline & Online and the reasons to use them

Olivettes Explained

Pole fishing is a popular method among anglers, and using olivettes is an important part of this technique. Olivettes are precise weights from 0.1g to 12g+ that are used to balance pole rig, allowing the angler to present the bait correctly and detect bites more easily. There are two types of olivettes available for pole fishing – inline and online. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of using olivettes for pole fishing, the differences between inline and online olivettes, and the advantages of the new hybrid olivettes by Drennan.

Benefits of Using Olivettes for Pole Fishing

Using olivettes for pole fishing has several benefits. Firstly, they help to balance the rig, allowing the angler to present the bait in the water column effectively. Secondly, olivettes make it easier to detect bites, as they provide a more sensitive indication of the fish taking the bait due to the slimline nature of the weight it produces less resistant for the the fish and the rig moving through the water. The small but dense design of the olivettes produces a fast settling bait, this means the bait can travel through the higher levels of the water quickly, where smaller nuisance fish may be stealing bait, ensuring your bait gets to the correct spot with out being picked at. Lastly, olivettes can help to improve stability of your rig in the water. The condense weight the olivette provides over normal bulk shot provides an anchoring effect on the pole float meaning that in rough conditions olivettes can give an advantage over standard round shot .

Inline Olivettes

Inline Olivettes

Inline olivettes are the most common type of olivette used for pole fishing and produced by popular brands like Drennan and Dave Harrell. They are a slim, egg shaped weights with a hole running through the middle, allowing the line to pass through. Inline olivettes are designed to slide up and down the line, providing the angler with more security when fishing either close to snags or targeting hard fighting fish. The center of the olivette is lined with a protective silicone tubing to ensure the line is not damaged during use. Normally inline olivettes will require a small shot beneath to stop them running too far down the line. They are available in a range of sizes and weights, allowing the angler to choose the best option for their specific fishing situation.

Online Olivettes

Online Olivettes

Online olivettes have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are similar to inline olivettes, but instead of having a hole through the middle, they have a peg at each end which when a silicone tubing is slid over allows the olivette to be locked in place on the line. Online olivettes are generally slightly more streamlined then inline olivettes and they are particularly useful in situations where the fish are easily spooked, as they create less disturbance in the water than inline olivettes.

Hybrid Olivettes

Drennan, a leading fishing tackle manufacturer, has recently released a new type of olivette called the Drennan Hybrid Olivette. These olivettes combine the best features of both inline and online olivettes, making them a versatile option for anglers. Hybrid olivettes have pegs at either end and a silicone lined hole through the middle, allowing the line to pass through. Have both these features means the hybrid olivette is very secure and easily adjustable. This makes them ideal for a range of fishing situations, and they are quickly becoming a popular choice among anglers.

Drennan Hybrid Olivettes


Olivettes are an essential part of pole fishing, providing a range of benefits for anglers. Inline olivettes are the most common type, but online olivettes are becoming increasingly popular. Hybrid olivettes, such as those produced by Drennan, offer the best of both worlds, providing a versatile option for anglers. Whatever type of olivette you choose, make sure to select the right size and weight for your fishing situation, and enjoy the benefits they provide for a successful day of fishing.