Kicking up a Stink!

Stinky Stuff is a complex compound, fishing bait additive made in the UK. It is designed to stimulate all species of coarse fish to feed. It can be safely sprayed onto all hook baits, feeder baits and onto any terminal tackle.

The formulation has an adhesion property that sticks to the surface it is sprayed onto, giving you confidence it will stay on your bait and slowly release it’s attractant when in the water. Stinky stuff is PVA friendly.


So whats the hype?


Stinky stuff has been in development for the past few years. Starting from a concept of breaking down other baits and finding the core amino acid from each bait that was attracting fish to feed.

They also looked at the natural environments of fish, natural food sources and circumstances that trigger a fish to feed. These circumstances are not always associated with the actual food or bait, they might be climate or other chemical and nutrients in the water.

When you look at many other glugs, dips and additives on the market, you will notice that once they have settled, you get a different colour for different levels of liquid in the bottle. This is because the mix is blended. In simple terms, the ingredients are put in a jar and stirred like a cup of tea.

During tests they found that the attractants were still separated, a comparison might be mixing maggots with pellets as feed, they’re still separate baits. This is the same with blended additives once they are in the water, their molecules very quickly separate from each other in the same way you’d observe them doing so in a bottle.

Stinky Stuff

And with continued development going forward During tests they found out the stinky stuff would remain on baits that had been in the water for more than three hours.

Many people have asked during their trials, how they know it will still be on the bait after such a long time and the test they used was somewhat amusing.

They asked people to hold their hands out, whilst applying a couple of drop onto them. They then asked them to rub their hands together. People were phoning them up 3 days later, saying:“I’ve scrubbed my hands, I must have washed them a hundred times and I can still smell it. How do I get it off?”

They don’t just cater for one aspect of fishing either they are aimed at all walks of our sport with choices for match, carp and the sea angler

We have seen different additives come and go over the years – mostly dips; Stinky Stuff however, is a spray that impregnates and adheres to the bait like a bubbling, clinging barbecue sauce. This product has been around for a number of years now and is catching on in all branches of fresh and saltwater angling.

So is it really that stinky??

The name Stinky Stuff came from people asking “what’s that Stinky Stuff” when they were trialling it. An observation from their trials is that although the smell is not unpleasant, it is distinct.


With seven flavours at the moment to choose from why not give this excellent product a try next time you’re on the bank!