Introducing the Daiwa Samurai 3000B fishing reel

We’re very excited to unveil a new reel from Daiwa, made exclusively for BobCo Tackle!
It’s the Daiwa Samurai, a 3000-sized reel which is perfect for coarse and match angling or spinning and light lure work. Let’s look at a few reasons why you should make the Samurai your next reel…

1. The Price
The reel boasts several features found on much more expensive, top end Daiwa models yet we can do this one for less than £40. Yes our BobCo price is just £39.99, which has to make it one of Daiwa’s best value reels ever!

2. Three spare spools!
That wasn’t a misprint. This really does come with three spare graphite spools, to go with the aluminium spool on the reel, so you can have a variety of line breaking strains ready. Each spool takes 265m of 8lb line.

3. It’s very smart
A striking metallic black body with silver trimmings. What’s not to like?

4. Compact and lightweight design
You’ll be surprised how little the Daiwa Samurai weighs, just 265g. This is partly due to a skeletal, weight reducing design, as is evident on this spool. It’s small and compact so it’s very easy to use.

5. It’s feature packed
The Samurai carries several of Daiwa’s trademark reel features. These include TwistBuster II, to keep line twist to a minimum, and Digigear II, which smoothly transfers power from the handle turning to the rotor. It also has Infinite Anti-Reverse, an ABS handle knob and three ball bearings to name but a few. And for fish playing you’ll find the front drag is carefully adjusted to the tension you require.