The best sub-£700 fishing seatboxes

For a few hundred pounds you can get a very good seatbox these days.
And for £700 or less you can get an incredible one!
When you’re going to be sat on something for several hours over the course of a day or match it’s important to get the right one. Here’s BobCo’s pick of some of the very best models that £700 can buy…

Guru Team Stealth Seatbox

Guru Team Stealth Box £599
BobCo says: Designed to be similar to the Guru/Rive ST Special Edition flagship seat box, but at a lower, accessible price point. 
This has a low box stance that can easily be heightened by adding trays to make it your perfect height. In classy all black. For those wanting something a bit brighter or louder, the Team Orange version is very similar!

MAP Z30 Elite Seatbox

MAP Z30 Elite £599
BobCo says: An excellently crafted aluminium Z frame design, that features machined aluminium blocks, allows it to be extremely lightweight, yet offers ultimate strength. We love the stacking system for deep or shallow draws under the frame. A versatile choice.

Matrix S36 Superbox Lime in 2 Single Trays

Matrix S36 Superbox £499
BobCo says: A big seller which is built to last and has stood the test of time. An ultra comfortable seat with a sturdy design with loads of draw unit options. The 36mm legs mean this is a very stable box too with large swivelling mudfeet. And price-wise for less than £500 you can’t go wrong here!

Colmic Kross Seatbox Package

Colmic Kross Seatbox £699
BobCo says: A proper fishing system with numerous modules supplied. The Kross is so stable that it only requires the back and footplate legs to make a secure box on the ground. The legs are telescopic for uneven surfaces and the footplate slides out. With typically Italian bright red and silver touches which we love!

Preston Absolute White D36 Seatbox

Preston D36 Absolute White £649
BobCo says:
One of Preston’s best sellers enjoyed this classy re-design in classic white. It boasts the latest MAG LOK system on the unit clips and D36 telescopic legs for extra sturdy seating. A weight saving design with no back plate or support because the side frames are plenty strong enough! A black version is also available. What’s not to like?