Best value tackle revealed

We’ve scoured our shelves and rod racks for the pieces of kit we think are the best out there at sensible price points. All of these tackle items offer outstanding value for money!

Daiwa Ninja reel | £64.99
Bob says: Ideal for both float and feeder, the Ninja range is full of features found on considerably more expensive Daiwa models. Outstanding not only in looks but also in performance.

Matrix Aquos Ultra C Feeder Rod

Matrix Aquos Ultra C Feeder rods | from £49.99
Bob says: A range of four blanks for feeder and bomb work. All have a fantastic through action for fish playing and two quality quivertips of 1oz and 1.5oz supplied. We also love that they break down into two equal pieces for storage in a ready rod bag!

Middy White Knuckle Thriller 8m Pole

Middy White Knuckle Thriller 8m pole | £89.99
Bob says: Fantastic as a first pole or as a back up for heavy margin fishing. A real powerhouse with a whopping 24 elastic rating, but well balanced and easy to use at just 650g.

Garbolino Flash Picker Rod

Garbolino Flash Picker rod | £25.99
Bob says: Garbolino has long made some great value rods at this price point and this is no exception. Its 10ft long, the perfect length for most commercial fisheries, and has two push in quivers. The Flash Picker could quite easily cost twice as much!

Tri-Cast XRS Easy Reach Landing Net Handle | £29.99
Bob says: When you buy Tri-Cast you know you’re getting a high quality, British-made product that will last. This 8ft 3ins net pole is super strong and super stiff, a no brainer for a place in our holdalls!

LEEDA Concept GT Double Pole Roller

Leeda Concept GT Double Pole Roller | £39.99
Bob says: This is a lightweight but stable roller which features extending twist lock legs. You’ll be hard pressed to find an extendable double pole roller as good as this for less than £40.